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What do we do

We specialize in Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), where the primary goal is to quickly deliver a functional version of the product with core features. Enough to satisfy early users and gather valuable feedback.

Our developers form small but self-sustainable teams, fully equipped to handle all project needs. This approach results in improved work efficiency, agility and collaboration. Team members are more focused which helps reduce bottlenecks, speed up development cycles and results in higher quality products made in a satisfying work environment.

We have years of experience working with clients from around the world. Whether you're representing a startup looking to validate a product idea or an established business aiming to launch a new venture, we are committed to being your trusted partner in transforming your vision into a reality.

MVP Focus

Quick delivery of functional products with core features. Lean and iterative approach.

Small Teams

Efficient and flexible teams with streamlined processes. Full focus on the task at hand.

Complete Package

Wide range of relevant technical competences. Minimal dependency on third parties.

Personal Touch

Personal approach, care and attention to detail. Crafted, not manufactured.


What do we use


How do we do it

Our experienced engineers can provide you with guidance and insights regarding project requirements, understand their goals and challenges, and offer recommendations on the best approaches and technologies to achieve them.

By introducing continuous integration and delivery (CI & CD) practices, we reduce the need for extensive manual testing. Combined with a clear and transparent workflow, we provide project stakeholders with early access to application builds as well as the insight they need to make informed decisions that shape the future success of the project.

We believe in open and honest communication, actively involving you in the decision-making process and seeking your feedback at every stage, independent of the type of contract. By establishing a trusting and collaborative partnership, we ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded.

Know How

Technical and architectural assistance, usability and performance review. At your disposal.

Continuous Delivery

Short development cycles, automated testing and deployment. See results ASAP.

Full Visibility

Workshops, weekly meetings, access to issue tracker. Get involved as much as you want.

Flexible Contracts

Time and materials (T&M), fixed-price, retainers or service-level agreements (SLA). You decide.

Case Studies




Time Tracking





Job Platform



Image Recognition

Robust, multiplatform solution for time tracking, leave management and budget planning with powerful reporting capabilities. Seamless integration with some of the most popular management tools out there.

Platform connecting job seekers and clients with security service providers. Consisting of Job and Booking platform, the application meets the needs of both interested parties by providing a complete digital solution with a modern interface.

Digital marketplace that supports the stationary market of art galleries in the process of obtaining feedback about the presented works in a way that maximizes the viewer's activity and enables interaction with the creators.

Preview of the Timenotes project
Preview of the Timenotes project, mobile viewPreview of the SECmarket project, mobile viewPreview of the Marchandar project mobile app

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